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To Tug or Not To Tug

Muddy, cold, rainy, or hot days our pets still require daily exercise. Learning the game of tug and how to properly play can provide extreme benefits in fitness (overall heath) and establishing a closer social bond. First make sure the tug item chosen is comfortable both for your pets mouth and your hands. The beauty of tug, this game can be played anywhere with not a lot of set up time required or equipment to carry about. While walking if we see children playing, a squirrel, another dog and your dog gets excited lets play a short game of tug then keep on walking. All that excited energy has to go somewhere why not in a game of tug or just have your dog carry the tug toy. Contact me to learn more or with questions on the game of tug or fitness ideas for your companion. Also have a fantastic fleece tug rope maker I can recommend.

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