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The Transfer of Value in Dog Training

Please enjoy this short blog post on how to "transfer the value of rewards in dog training" from a person I truly admire Susan Garrett. Susan has an amazing way to share an idea while helping people improve and learn. Transferring value is a huge component if successful learning is the desired goal no matter who the student is. Without this key ingredigent failure will occur and the desired behavior will not be continually repeated. I talk about this concept daily with the clients I work with. 

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Shut Up and Show Off

Great Blog below ..... educators, groomers, veterinarians all with a common interest to protect and nurture the lives of animal while also supporting animal owners along the way. Love the idea of the Blog just "Shut Up and Show Off" essentially show off your skills with animals. Lead by example work together and stop pointing fingers. Well stated and thank you for the reminder! 


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