How to Win the War with a Bathroom Bandit

Are you living daily with a bathroom bandit? You may be if you often find yourself screaming, “Stop! Drop that Roll!” Toilet paper was never advertised as a dog friendly toy however some pups really find this magical roll quite entertaining.

Does this mean that all bathroom doors must be shut forever never to be left unattended, open & vulnerable? Or that the toilet paper forever lives on the bathroom sink never to spin freely on the roll again? 

Today I want to share with you some training exercises to be done with that silly toilet paper roll. Short 2 to 3 minute sessions during their meal time should help your dog learn other tricks to entertain you with in the bathroom. 

Be sure to make the training fun for both you and your pet. If you need assistance please get in touch with me. Make sure to watch the included video. Please be sure to send your thoughts and comments and share comic highlights of training sessions as often as you can. Don’t worry, bathroom decor will not be judged. Share with any one who currently lives with a bathroom bandit. 

So lets get started ……. 

Step 1 - Teach your dog to target your palm with their nose. My verbal cue for this is “Touch”. Call this whatever you want, some people say, “Bump”. Be creative.

Step 2 - Move your target hand close to the empty toilet paper roll, adding your verbal cue of “Touch”. Slowly move your hand further away as the dog learns to touch the toilet paper roll instead of your palm.

Step 3 - Add a toilet paper sheet to your hand and ask your dog to touch. We are still looking for a nice nose touch not a snatch and grab. Make sure to continue to mark good behavior with your marker word of “Yes”. This lets the dog know that his/her behavior is the desired one.

Step 4 - Add your sheet of toilet paper to your empty roll and continue with the touch training. Here we want the dog to experience the movement of the toilet paper while on the roll but understand it still doesn’t mean grab it. You can see in the video that Barney often thinks about grabbing the paper. Can you see his thoughts too?

Step 5 - Replace the empty roll for one with some paper on it. Let the paper hang off the roll. If you feel your dog is up to the challenge, work the same touch training as the length of paper grows to tempt them to steal it. With practice you can overcome this strong temptation.

I hope you enjoy this training blog as much as I have enjoyed making this video with Barney. As you can see Barney loves to learn and perform for food. Find your dogs prefect reward value to enhance their learning experience. Have Fun!

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