I have owned and lived with Dobermans since the 1960s and throughout that time I have used many different training methods with many trainers from the early days of typical obedience training to more recent good citizenship training.

No surprise – these different methods along with different training techniques – plus my own self-discipline (or lack thereof) achieved various levels of success. Finally, in 2012 when my DoberGirl Della Rose and DoberBoy Storm arrived I found Debbie Robinson when I took them to their early puppy-training classes. Debbie worked with both Della Rose and Storm from their puppyhood into their adult life. Ultimately I engaged Debbie to come to my home on a weekly basis to train both of them. The results of this weekly time with Debbie are outstanding.

When Storm died in May 2016, 2-1/2 year old Olivia came to my home and joined Della Rose. Olivia was already a seasoned show girl and she and Della Rose became best buddies. Of course, Debbie continued her weekly sessions training both girls. Now, Della Rose and Olivia know exactly which day of the week and the time Debbie arrives. They sit looking out the front windows waiting to see her – and are simply ecstatic when she walks to the front door.

Debbie is a fantastic trainer. She quickly establishes a rapport with each dog and each one idolizes her. And, not surprising, Debbie also provides appropriate “human” coaching to help guide us into effective techniques. I simply cannot imagine me and my DoberGirls not having Debbie in our lives doing this regular training.
High Fives!”

Rachel & the DoberGirls, Della Rose and Olivia
— Rachel - Beach Park, IL
I worked with Debbie when my dog was a puppy in puppy class and then individually when he was 2 years old working out reactivity issues on walks. Debbie has a great attitude, a wonderful connection with dogs, and a million ideas for you to try for your particular situation. I expect we will be working with her again.
— Mary - Wadsworth, IL
Debbie is a wonderful trainer! Our young rescue dog had some anxiety issues (prolonged barking at everything, major pulling on her leash, jumping, etc.) and really needed some social training. Debbie worked with her using reward techniques to help her get over her high anxiety. After several lessons, lots of practice and some homework, she has really made some major strides with her issues. Debbie’s patience and kind attitude helped make the lessons fun and helped our dog become a calmer family member! Debbie answered all our questions, checked in on us and even provided extra helpful training material. We highly recommend her.
— Barb & Patrick - Grayslake, IL
Debbie is a fantastic dog trainer. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, is flexible and has a lot of creative ideas on how to address individual issues that dogs have. She uses positive training methods and makes training fun for both humans and their dogs! I highly recommend her!
Michele McCormick and Grimm
— Michele - Grayslake, IL
My Barney was 6 months old when Debbie came to our home, recommended by our veterinarian. In 20 minutes knew how to sit and lay down. He is going to be five in May. Barney loves his walks with as he says “Ms. Debbie” !!!!
What can I say except she is part of the family !!!!
— Donna & John - Grayslake, IL
Debbie has a true gift! Her training style is perfect for both dogs and humans! She makes class fun, exciting and is always giving great tips on specific challenges you may have with your pup. Debbie also cares so much about her ‘students’ that she follows up with them beyond the class which shows she truly cares. Thank you so much for a great class and for being you!
— Caryn - Grayslake, IL


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